Icon Data Logger 3D Scanner Metal Detector Treasure Gold Silver in Muntinlupa City, National Capital Region for sale

Audio and Video

Original Made in USA
1year warranty
Some examples of traditional type non motion metal detectors are all the frame coil Pulse Induction detectors such as Lorenz Deepmax, Deepmax X3,Deepmax X5, Deepmax X6, Deepmax Z1, LPX2, Deeptech Ground Pioneer 4500, Stinger, Pulse star II Pro, Superscan, Delta Pulse and others...
JW Fishers Pulse 6x or Pulse 8x, Aquapulse AQ1B, XP Deus, White’s XLT. 2-Box style metal detectors such as Whites TM-808, Gemini III.
Also older / newer VCO audio style detectors. Now with the ICON DATA logger unit these types of detectors can be updated with real time 3D target imaging.
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